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What is the "HD FPV for everyone project"?

FPV flying is a very exciting part of the RC hobby world. HD FPV brings an absolutely new level of feeling. Unfortunately, good HD FPV solutions are very expensive and therefore are not widely available for FPV lovers.

Our goal is to make reliable and easy to use software that will work with common and affordable hardware and realizes HD FPV TX/RX function. This should make all FPV world happy :)

What performance I can expect from such system?

Here are the specs of a device you can make for about 100$:
» 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolution
» 120 degree angle of view
» 1-2 km range
» Telemetry OSD
» Video recording function
» 200 ms of latency
» Tx weight is only 70 gramms

No programming skills are needed to assemble and use this system.

What about HOWTO articles describing similar devices?

All such articles do not provide complete solutions that you can use. You need good programming and engineering skills to make a working device.

Can you show some results?

Here are a few results we got over one year ago (no telemetry OSD was recorded):

This video was taken at one of the first hardware tests (March 2014). A special receiving software had not yet been written:

How will your software look like?

Here is a screenshot from the receiving application (dji style OSD layout):

I want it right now! Where can I get it?

We plan to release it this summer. Watch for updates on this page.

We thank all donators who love and support our projects! All this hard work is made possible only with your help!

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